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Data room services provide a practical platform for due diligence mergers and acquisitions of companies, fundraising activities, and other transactions that are not confidential. They offer secure and safe storage of sensitive documents that ensures compliance, confidentiality and efficient collaboration between all parties involved.

Contrary to physical data rooms that require all parties to physically be in the same location, virtual data rooms enable all stakeholders to carry out due diligence at their own pace. They reduce travel costs, and remove the need to purchase printers and stationary. These platforms also allow users to locate documentation using their search and sharing capabilities as opposed to email or Slack.

Certain data rooms allow administrators to monitor user activities, including log-in and log-off times, as well in how long a document was seen. This helps reduce the chance of losing documents and can help prevent unauthorized copying. Certain data rooms permit users to restrict access to certain documents and folders. You can, for instance restrict users from viewing more than one page in one document or file, and you can remove permissions at any time. In addition, you can use a variety of different encryption and password protection options to safeguard your information.

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